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Not just a lane divider!

A common misconception is that people think the racing lane line sole function is to divide the pool lanes. In fact, our racing lanes have a patented design for optimum wave reduction. Each disc is designed to rotate independently of the others, breaking down the wave energy inside the line.

The weight of the line has been tested to get the perfect density for the best wave turbulence control. Therefore Malmsten lines are the preferred choice not only for championships but also during daily workouts and other pool activities.

Staying within the FINA rules, we have optimized lane line weight to offer the best attenuation. No other lane line measures up – compare other lane line weight, material performance, or dimension on wire – Malmsten is simply the best choice!

Gold PRO® Racing Lane Line - Ø 150mm

Classic PRO™ Racing Lane Line - Ø 100mm

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